#40 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - 3 Steps For Launching A Product


If you don't launch your product well, no one will buy it from you... and that can be really, really frustrating. Today, I want to walk you through a proven process for launching your product in 3 steps:


1. Validate Your Product

Make sure that you're offering something that people actually want to buy. There are several ways you can do this, but my personal favorite way is through Facebook.

Jump on your timeline and ask: "When it comes to "X," what are you struggling with the most?"

Jump on Zoom calls with people who would be your ideal client, and ask them to elaborate. Get to know them and their pain points well (maybe even offer coaching!) This will help you as you launch your product because people want the pain to go away and they're willing to pay for a solution.

This is all pre-launch: you have to make sure that people really want the thing that you're offering. 


2. Host a Live Training

The live training addresses people's objections and their limiting...

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#39 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - 5 Tools You Need For Your Business


Tech overwhelm comes quickly when you don't actually know what you really need for your business to operate smoothly. To help, I'm going to walk you through the five essential tools you need in your online business.

1. Your Website

The first tool you need in your online business is your website. You need a home base, a place online where you can point people to when they express interest in your products or services. So for example, my home base is Briandixon.com. That is my website. You can build your website on a lot of platforms. For example: WordPress, Squarespace, or Kajabi - but you can't get around the fact that you need one, so make it a priority. 

Tip: Make your first and last name your domain name, it's the easiest way to let people know where to go!

2. Email Platform

How do you send follow-up messages to people that want to hear from you? How do you create sequences to nurture people who do business with you? How do you offer something for them to download...

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#38 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - Escape Tech Overwhelm


Is technology overwhelm holding you back from sharing your message online? In my coaching practice, the number one question I get is: "What technology should I use?"

People everywhere are overwhelmed by technology and how to use it well in their business to benefit them rather than letting it walk all over them. I just want to tell you that it is normal to feel bad about technology. Technology overwhelm is real. Whatever context I'm in - from Hope Writers to my personal social media, to conferences I attend, or webinars I host - I often hear people saying, "Technology overwhelm is holding me back from sharing my message online and from making an impact and an income online."

Tech overwhelm is real, there's no point in denying it. But I want you to know that you can overcome it. So here are 3 tips to help you do just that...

1. Change Your Mindset

Over at Hope*Writers, we've adopted a mindset that we learned from Marie Forleo. The basic gist of it is this: "Everything is...

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#37 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - Which Advice Do You Listen To?


A lot of us struggle with "Shiny Object Syndrome."

Let me explain what this looks like...

You sign up for one person's webinar, then you buy three books from another person, then you attend a live training from another expert, and then you buy that course and then that bootcamp from someone else. Soon enough, you're completely overwhelmed by all the voices you're listening to. And the reason we get overwhelmed is that you're consuming more content than you're actually applying.

It's just not possible for us to apply all the content from all the voices at once. 

Today, I want to share my number one strategy for fighting this kind of overwhelm: Pick one guru and go all in. 

As I'm writing this, there are a lot of gurus who want your attention. In fact, there are whole lists of people who teach on each of the many topics you want to learn about. If you want to learn about how to grow your Facebook page, how to grow your Instagram following, how to build your...

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#36 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - How to Market With Confidence


Many of my clients struggle to market with confidence, and I have a feeling you might too. Today, I want to help shift your marketing mindset. First, we'll focus on how the motivation for marketing changes the way we approach it, and then I'll give you two tips for practically moving forward!

Motive: When you're focused on helping someone get unstuck, making an offer helps them

When you focus on solving someone's pain, when you focus on helping someone move forward, it's okay to make an offer, and it's okay to charge for it.

The best offers come from a place of service. Your ideal audience is struggling with something or is stuck in some area and your product is specifically designed to help them get unstuck! Knowing that what you're sharing is valuable because you're helping your customer move forward makes all the difference in helping you market with confidence. 

Your service is valuable because you're helping them move from where they are right now to where they want...

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#34 Clarity Sessions Podcast - The Resources You Need To Build, Launch, and Grow Your Business

Are you struggling with tech overwhelm? You know that you need tech, but you don't know which software to use or how to use it to its fullest potential. There are so many options, and they're all shouting at you and making promises, but they aren't measuring up!

Read below to learn all about my tech recommendations:

The Cause of Tech Overwhelm:

Tech overwhelm is something that many of my clients struggle with before they start working with me. They've purchased all kinds of different tools, but they mostly choose free options.

For example, they'll opt-in to a free email marketing program. But as their email list grows, they realize, "Wait a second, this program doesn't do all the things I want it to do."

They then need to add a different program, but the one they choose is more complicated. So they buy a third one that's kind of the middle of the road. And now they've got three different emails in three different programs and three different tools they're trying to learn. And that's...

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#33 Clarity Sessions Podcast-How Changing My Money Mindset Changed My Business


It feels like everywhere we look, people are dropping their prices. This seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to everything going on in the world right now, and it can be motivated by several things. But if you're considering dropping your prices because you're nervous people won't invest in your product during this time, I want to challenge you to reconsider. I've found that you can keep a higher price point as long as it matches the value you're offering!

Don't lower your price...increase your value!

In this time, it may be beneficial to increase the value of your product, rather than lowering the price! So take an honest look at the product and at your resources then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can you add anything to the product that would make the current price irresistible to your audience?
  2. Can you offer an additional coaching call?
  3. Can you have a private group?
  4. Can you have an extra meet-up or an extra Q&A session?
  5. What can you do to increase the value instead...
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#32-Clarity Sessions Episode - Where To Start When Working From Home

Today, most of us are working from home - and that comes with a unique set of challenges! If you're working from home with little people around, are now sharing a workspace with your spouse, or are sharing a home with other people, you might be wondering, "How do I balance everything and use this time well?"

Here are 3 tips that I hope will help you in this transition!

Tip #1: Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.

If you feel stretched too thin, if you feel like your people are all up in your business because now you have to work from home and you don't have any T I M E for yourself, here's where you find it.

I normally set my alarm for 4 a.m., but I've been setting it for 5 a.m. recently. But when my alarm went off at five, I did not want to get up - so I reset it for 5:30 a.m. However, I was wide awake at 5:12 because my body knew it was time for my Holy Hour. This hour is for my reading and journaling time before I work from home all day with the kids being around since they're...

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#31 Clarity Sessions Episode-Build An Impact And Income Online


My mission is to help you build an impact and an income online. One way to do this is by learning how to build a sales funnel. The funnel includes three steps: visitors, subscribers and customers. A funnel is how to get people to the thing that you want to tell them about or teach them. Ask yourself...how can I get them to give me their contact information so I can stay in touch with them? And then how do I nurture that relationship to get them to say "yes" to the thing that I offer?

As a company, we've been building out a funnel map, and we actually have an opportunity for us to build the funnel for you. It's not something that we often offer, but in an effort to help you get your business off the ground, we want to help give you the opportunity to work with us to build this whole process for you. Learn more here.

Phase 1-Nurture your visitors:

Before you can ever make a sale, you have to start thinking about your visitors. Who are the people that you want to help? What are they...

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#30 The Clarity Sessions - Why Your Business Should Be On TikTok

TikTok is the brand new "social media kid on the block." It has been discounted by so many people saying that it's for 11-year-old girls who want to dance. But I have found over the last few months of using TikTok almost every day that it is a new opportunity that you should know about! TikTok is going to take off in the future, and your business needs to be there.

Go where your audience is so you can reach them.

The concept is to go where the people are if you want to serve and share a message that matters so you can make an impact on people's lives.

You need to find where they are hanging out and introduce yourself there. So as an example, if your ideal clients hang out at church, then go to church, build relationships, and talk to people. When you do that, you're not going to walk in and say, "Hey! It's me and I'm here." No, you're going to begin building relationships. And then, over time, people do business with people who they know, like, and trust.

The same is true of the...

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