#33 Clarity Sessions Podcast-How Changing My Money Mindset Changed My Business


It feels like everywhere we look, people are dropping their prices. This seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to everything going on in the world right now, and it can be motivated by several things. But if you're considering dropping your prices because you're nervous people won't invest in your product during this time, I want to challenge you to reconsider. I've found that you can keep a higher price point as long as it matches the value you're offering!

Don't lower your price...increase your value!

In this time, it may be beneficial to increase the value of your product, rather than lowering the price! So take an honest look at the product and at your resources then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can you add anything to the product that would make the current price irresistible to your audience?
  2. Can you offer an additional coaching call?
  3. Can you have a private group?
  4. Can you have an extra meet-up or an extra Q&A session?
  5. What can you do to increase the value instead of decreasing the price?

Let people know the value of what you're offering and stay consistent in offering that value!

When people pay...they pay attention!

Early in my business, Michael Hyatt taught me the following: "When people pay, they pay attention." And I've found it to be very true! When people invest in your products and in your services, especially when it's a significant amount of money, they don't cancel, they don't quit, they don't forget to show up to your coaching call.

Why is that? Because they've invested so much, it actually encourages them to bring a higher level of themselves to the table because they want to get the return on their investment.

By keeping your pricing consistent with the value, you challenge your audience to rise to the occasion. Hopefully, they'll look at what you offer and say, "This is an essential expense that I can't afford to cut."

I believe in the products I offer and the value. I believe in what they bring to people's lives, and so, because of that, I believe in the price I charge.

I have found that the higher my price, the higher the commitment of those who choose to buy!

When your clients and audience step up...you do too!

Knowing that my clients have invested at a high level has changed the way I show up in my work. I watch them buy-in, show up ready to take notes, and see the work affect their lives. They want more value out of the product because of the money they have invested. So I am pushed to bring more energy, more intuition, more fortitude, more intentionality.

And when they show up in a bigger way, guess what happens? They take it seriously. They implement and when they implement, they get results. Then the product's value increases!

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