#36 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - How to Market With Confidence


Many of my clients struggle to market with confidence, and I have a feeling you might too. Today, I want to help shift your marketing mindset. First, we'll focus on how the motivation for marketing changes the way we approach it, and then I'll give you two tips for practically moving forward!

Motive: When you're focused on helping someone get unstuck, making an offer helps them

When you focus on solving someone's pain, when you focus on helping someone move forward, it's okay to make an offer, and it's okay to charge for it.

The best offers come from a place of service. Your ideal audience is struggling with something or is stuck in some area and your product is specifically designed to help them get unstuck! Knowing that what you're sharing is valuable because you're helping your customer move forward makes all the difference in helping you market with confidence. 

Your service is valuable because you're helping them move from where they are right now to where they want to be. When you don't market your product or service, you're not helping your customer - which is why you created your product or service in the first place! 

Marketing isn't shady or scammy. It's not cheesy to offer someone the opportunity to move forward or to get unstuck. It's taken you years to get where you are now, and you're helping your customer skip the line you stood in for so long - so you can feel confident selling your product!

Tip 1: Leave behind the hard-sell and invite them into an opportunity instead.

What often feels scammy or pushy is the hard sell. But let me encourage you: the hard sell is not the only way to market. Instead, I want to challenge you to start offering your client an invitation to move forward with you. 

A hard sell often sounds like, "You have to do this NOW. This is the ONLY time you can take advantage of this product!" That's so over the top and in your face, and it doesn't focus on serving your client. 

Instead, I believe you should give away enough content, give away enough value that your potential client has the chance to know, like, and trust you before you ever try to sell to them. Then at the end of your webinar, email, Facebook LIVE, or whatever other free value-filled service/product you offer, you say, "I have a program that's the next step to helping you get unstuck. If you would like to move forward to finally overcome this barrier, I have a step-by-step program to work with you to walk you through this process." Or "I have step by step program to help you finally experienced that freedom you want!"

So that's where you make the offer, and I like to call it an invitation because it's not a sell, it's truly a kind invitation to move forward. It sounds like asking someone on a date, right? "I would love to go out with you again!" ends up being "I would love to go here with you!" or "I would love for you to join us so we can help you move forward!" or "I would love for you to join my program!"

Tip 2: Be clear in your marketing: Walk them through the benefits and features of your offer.

Good marketing is clear marketing. There's no bait and switch, and you're not hiding anything from your client. Be clear from the start and let them know how joining your program, purchasing your product, or buying into your service will benefit them. 

You'll say: "This is how it's going to benefit you and here's exactly what you can expect when you go through the program. Here are all the features you get through the program." Let them know exactly what they're getting and how it's going to improve their life!

Doing this communicates the value of your product or service and inspires confidence in what you're doing. You know that what you offer is helpful and valuable to your client, so let them know too!

So let's review...

1. You're marketing FOR a person, not just to pad your bank account - so market with confidence from a heart of service!

2. Make a kind and natural invitation 

3. Walk your potential client through the features and benefits of your product or service!

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