#37 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - Which Advice Do You Listen To?


A lot of us struggle with "Shiny Object Syndrome."

Let me explain what this looks like...

You sign up for one person's webinar, then you buy three books from another person, then you attend a live training from another expert, and then you buy that course and then that bootcamp from someone else. Soon enough, you're completely overwhelmed by all the voices you're listening to. And the reason we get overwhelmed is that you're consuming more content than you're actually applying.

It's just not possible for us to apply all the content from all the voices at once. 

Today, I want to share my number one strategy for fighting this kind of overwhelm: Pick one guru and go all in. 

As I'm writing this, there are a lot of gurus who want your attention. In fact, there are whole lists of people who teach on each of the many topics you want to learn about. If you want to learn about how to grow your Facebook page, how to grow your Instagram following, how to build your online course, or how to get started as a speaker - I can think of three or four people whose full-time job is to teach on each of these topics. There are so many gurus for us to choose from, but my number one advice is to pick one and follow everything they teach.

1. Pick one person.

Now how do you figure out who is it that you're going to follow? Well, I pick one person and I follow them for a year. Who's the one person that I'm going to learn from? I'm going to sign up for his or her programs. I'm going to attend their webinars. I'm going to read their emails. I'm going to prioritize their training.

Why just one?

Over that one year that you fully dedicate to following one guru, your learning is compounded. Your growth is accelerated and you get so much further in that one year with that one person than you would have over the course of the year with five different people teaching five different things.

How do you pick that person?

1. Focus on what's broken. 

Take a minute (or a few minutes!) and think:

"What's broken in my business?"

"What needs the most fixing in my business?" 

"What's the big domino that I need to push in order to move my business forward?"

Now you've narrowed down the area of expertise you actually want to focus on and dedicate your growth towards. Pick a person within that field!

2. Values and personal alignment

I love to say that "someone's vibe attracts their tribe." What they put out is a reflection of who they are and what they value. So as you look for the person to follow, slow down and evaluate: "Am I attracted to their values and ethics? Do I like their teaching style and the way they show up in the world?" 

Ultimately, the student becomes like the teacher. So you need to be sure that this teacher is someone you actually want to be like. A year from now, if you look like them - will you be a better version of yourself?

3. Become your teacher's case study

I highly recommend that you build a personal relationship with the teacher you choose to follow and become a case study for them.

What does this mean? Well, you go through all their training apply it voraciously, implement what you learn and then reach out. Let me repeat that: implement and reach out.

Reach out to them and say, "I've been going through your program. I absolutely love it. Here are three things that I did as a result of your program and here are the results that I got."

Let them know that you are growing and learning under their tutelage that you consider yourself one of their mentees. Be the one person they hear from who has actually implemented what they've taught and who thanks them for it. Offer to write a testimonial for them and be someone who shows their audience that they're worth listening to. 

Now it's your turn. Go through this process and pick the person you're going to listen to! DM me on Instagram to tell me who it is you're going to follow!

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