#40 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - 3 Steps For Launching A Product


If you don't launch your product well, no one will buy it from you... and that can be really, really frustrating. Today, I want to walk you through a proven process for launching your product in 3 steps:


1. Validate Your Product

Make sure that you're offering something that people actually want to buy. There are several ways you can do this, but my personal favorite way is through Facebook.

Jump on your timeline and ask: "When it comes to "X," what are you struggling with the most?"

Jump on Zoom calls with people who would be your ideal client, and ask them to elaborate. Get to know them and their pain points well (maybe even offer coaching!) This will help you as you launch your product because people want the pain to go away and they're willing to pay for a solution.

This is all pre-launch: you have to make sure that people really want the thing that you're offering. 


2. Host a Live Training

The live training addresses people's objections and their limiting beliefs that prevent them from saying "yes" to the thing that you're going to offer. In this live training, you give away valuable content for free to ease some of these objections and fight limiting beliefs that keep your ideal customer's foot out the door. 

My favorite way to do this is with a live webinar.

In this webinar, you'll share 80 plus slides and you walk through a process related to your offering. There are some great teachers out there who can help you perfect your webinar (specifically, I'd recommend Amy Porterfield and Russell Brunson)

The purpose of the webinar is to answer people's objections so that they're ready to hear your offer. You give value and you lead them to an opportunity to work with you. Once you have offered them value, you make your offer. 

3. Have an Expiring Offer

This might sound crazy, but it's key that your offer expires... which means it has a specific start and end date. This could look lots of different ways: it could only be available at a certain price for a few days, the bonuses could be limited to buying within a certain timeframe, or the entire offer as a whole could go away after a certain time limit. Either way, you create a sense of urgency on your offer. 


1. Validate Your Idea

2. Have a Live Webinar

3. Have an Expiring Offer

If you do those three things, you are more likely to have a successful product launch. 

I hope this serves you! Your message matters, and it's time to make a difference today. Click here to connect with me on Instagram for more tips. 

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