#36 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - How to Market With Confidence


Many of my clients struggle to market with confidence, and I have a feeling you might too. Today, I want to help shift your marketing mindset. First, we'll focus on how the motivation for marketing changes the way we approach it, and then I'll give you two tips for practically moving forward!

Motive: When you're focused on helping someone get unstuck, making an offer helps them

When you focus on solving someone's pain, when you focus on helping someone move forward, it's okay to make an offer, and it's okay to charge for it.

The best offers come from a place of service. Your ideal audience is struggling with something or is stuck in some area and your product is specifically designed to help them get unstuck! Knowing that what you're sharing is valuable because you're helping your customer move forward makes all the difference in helping you market with confidence. 

Your service is valuable because you're helping them move from where they are right now to where they want...

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