#31 Clarity Sessions Episode-Build An Impact And Income Online


My mission is to help you build an impact and an income online. One way to do this is by learning how to build a sales funnel. The funnel includes three steps: visitors, subscribers and customers. A funnel is how to get people to the thing that you want to tell them about or teach them. Ask yourself...how can I get them to give me their contact information so I can stay in touch with them? And then how do I nurture that relationship to get them to say "yes" to the thing that I offer?

As a company, we've been building out a funnel map, and we actually have an opportunity for us to build the funnel for you. It's not something that we often offer, but in an effort to help you get your business off the ground, we want to help give you the opportunity to work with us to build this whole process for you. Learn more here.

Phase 1-Nurture your visitors:

Before you can ever make a sale, you have to start thinking about your visitors. Who are the people that you want to help? What are they searching for? Who are they already following? How can I get in front of them to invite them to come check out my stuff? You can do that through the content you develop. You can do this through social media. You can do it through advertising, but whatever you do, think about your people. Start with your people. Who are the people you want to help and what is it you have for them that will attract them to come check you out?

Phase 2-Move a visitor to a subscriber:

The next step is moving a visitor to a subscriber. This is where a lead magnet comes in. A lead magnet is what you're offering the visitor for free in exchange for their contact information. For example, in hope*writers we have a summit where we have a lot of different teachers. You then get access to all the videos from the summits for free in exchange for contact information when you subscribe. And then as we release the videos, we send an email that offers the subscriber an option to become a customer. And in the same way with my company, I have a free live training on Monday nights. Every Monday night at eight o'clock Eastern, I go live and I teach the three secrets of how to start and grow your online business. To access the live webinar, you enter your first name, your email, and sometimes even your phone number which then makes you a subscriber.

A lead magnet attracts potential customers to subsribe and learn more about you. It also gives them an easy "win" to peak their interest to become a subscriber.

Phase 3-Turn a subscriber into a customer:

To turn a subscriber into a customer, you have to help your subscribers address and overcome their limiting beliefs and move forward towards a new opportunity. Your products are new opportunities for them to reach the goal for them to say goodbye to the pain and say hello to their purpose.

Who is it they want to be? What do they want to be true in their life? What problem are they trying to overcome? Your product helps them live out their purpose.

Remember, the three big phases for your business funnel is visitors, subscribers, and customers. Start at the beginning and work your way through instead of only thinking about the customer.

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To help you, we wanted to give you a free funnel builder map to download here. This map will show you the 15 key emails to send and the 15 key pages you need for your sales funnel! Message me on Instagram at @brianjdixon and tell me where you are stuck right now in the funnel. I am here to help you grow your impact and your income online and would love to help you get unstuck.


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