#21 The Clarity Sessions Podcast -- Money Mindset

Money mindset is a topic that is not spoken about frequently in my world of faith-based online entrepreneurs. Christians who have a message to share in their businesses don't love talking about this topic.

As I wrote my book, Start With Your People, I realized that money is one of those taboo topics that is so important for us to process. We need to have the right money mindset because money affects our most important relationships. Money is a topic that exposes our deepest fears and our greatest vulnerabilities. Nothing will shut a conversation down and push people into their defensive corners more quickly than talking about money, but it's important that we address our money mindset. It's affecting our most important relationships. If you think about it, there are actually four relationships that money affects.

1. Marriage

When we enter into a marriage, we both come from different families of origin with different expectations about housing, food, entertainment, vacations. It all...

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