#23 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - Take On A Strong Point Of View

Is it hard for you to take on a strong point of view?

I want to challenge you to plant a flag in the ground and say, "This is what I believe...come with me," or "I don't believe in that. I stand against that."

It's time to take a strong point of view.

A few of my friends have made posts related to this idea: Stu McLaren and Jen Allwood.  For some reason, I want to be safe. I want everybody to like me. But what I've learned is that means compromising my voice. That means not standing up for what I believe in and not standing against what I don't agree with.

Let's jump into some examples. If you are in the home decorating niche, what's your strong point of view? Maybe your strong point of view is you don't need to go buy new things and you can shop at your house with things that you already have. Some more examples are being anti buying, pro-recycling and reusing. Maybe you have a strong point of view about schooling. You are someone of faith, so you believe in faith-based...

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