#08 The Clarity Sessions - Does Your Message Really Matter?

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Does your message really matter? What if you write about something that doesn’t necessarily “change the world” but is more of a fun hobby?

Angie specializes in the silhouette/Cricut niche. She is struggling with monetizing her blog while battling the insecurity of whether or not a craft blog really matters to people.

1. You have people who need your message.

Angie is stuck thinking "It's just a craft blog." When she has that belief, it's important she starts to think about her reader. She has identified her ideal reader as a mom who is probably in her early thirties with maybe two or three kids, and she stays at home. She likes to do crafts but doesn't have a lot of time to do them. She likes her house and kids to look a certain way, and she likes to do it herself. Crafts give her satisfaction because she can do them herself rather than going out and buying stuff. They are something for her to enjoy and look forward to after she's dealt with the kids all day. Angie should create little crafts for her ideal reader to do and feel some satisfaction, control, joy, and beauty in her life. On the days when things feel like they are falling apart, her ideal reader can go to Angie's site and know that there will be a simple craft she can do to brighten her day.

With that perspective, there's meaning behind what Angie is doing, and it matters. The medium is crafts, but really the message is empowerment, encouragement, and the ability for her ideal reader to do something for herself at a time where she is pouring into others.

2. You take the pain away.

We all take the thing that we know how to do and discount it and say, "Why would anybody pay for this?" But in reality, people spend money on fast food, entertainment, clothing and all kinds of different things that you might agree with or not agree with. But a lot of times people are spending money to make the pain go away. They're bored, frustrated, overwhelmed or overscheduled, so they're paying for change. They're using a valuable resource they have to try to make things a little better for themselves and their loved ones. That's how we use money. Let your ideal readers give you money in exchange for enjoyment.

3. You provide easy access.

For your audience, the next step could be creating a collection or library for your audience to download content to use when they have time for those little craft projects.  People pay for the speed of implementation. They pay to be able to do it quicker and for easy access. A collection/library is like a Netflix model. With Netflix you just pay one monthly fee and you get access to everything in the Netflix library. Of course, you could always go to Redbox. That's really inconvenient though. You'd have to drive and get the DVD, and you might forget to return it. You could go rent one video at a time through different subscription services. But the reason Netflix is so successful is because, for one fee, people get a lot!

3. Your audience can validate your idea.

Before you begin anything new, have your audience validate your idea. Send out an email saying, "Hey, I'm thinking about taking the different files that I have all over my website and putting it in a really simple, easy to access library. You can download whatever you need any time for a really low monthly fee. Reply back to let me know what you think about that model. Is that something you'd sign up for? If so, describe what your perfect library would look like!" Even if only three or five people write you back, that's going to give you a lot of clarity for what to do next.

Another email to send to help you validate your message is to ask your audience where they are stuck instead of guessing. We make assumptions for them when they can easily tell us what they need and make our job easier!

Do you believe your message matters? Have you taken the time to shift your perspective like Angie? I hope the tips above can help you see that what you are doing matters!

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