#20 The Clarity Sessions Podcast-How To Create A Successful Webinar

**These concepts are from a combination of Jeff Walker's book, Launch, and Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels.

I want to share with you about live webinars and why I recommend live webinars as a part of your marketing strategy. But first, you may be wondering, "What is a webinar?" Well, a webinar is basically an event. It's an opportunity to invite people to participate in something exciting and often live. If you think about a concert, festival, parade, or a running event, there's something about this community element that's really exciting. A live webinar can be the same thing for your industry!

As an example, I'm hosting a live webinar coming up all about money mindset and helping people, specifically faith-based entrepreneurs, with their money mindset.

Here's the basic business model of a successful webinar:

1. Opportunity

The first thing that I do is start to think about the three limiting beliefs of my audience. What are the three limiting beliefs that your audience has about your particular topic? That's great content for a live webinar. What is preventing your audience from saying "yes" to your membership, online course, or your coaching? According to Jeff Walker in his book Launch, the three limiting beliefs have to do with opportunity, transformation, and the ownership experience. The opportunity generally is that it's not too late. As an example, when I'm building out my slides for my new Money Mindset Masterclass, I'm looking at what's the opportunity? Well, the opportunity is that it's the best time in the history of the world to be an online entrepreneur. And yet, so many of us struggle with money issues. The opportunity is that if we were to overcome our money mindset issues, then it could lead to more opportunity for us, our family, our community, our church, or for a nonprofit that we support.

The opportunity is often that you don't have to struggle anymore. There's a new philosophy, methodology, toolset, and, therefore, there's a new opportunity.

When it comes to sales, you don't want to talk to people about why they failed in the past. You want to say, "You know what, there's a lot of reasons that we've all struggled, but we can still move forward. It's not too late."

2. Transformation

The second part of the webinar model is transformation. So the transformation is the before and after. For example, with Hope*writers, the opportunity is you can write a book. It's not too late for you to write a book. The transformation is turning from writing for yourself to writing for a reader. With Money Mindset Masterclass, I'm still working on the slides, but I believe that the transformation is changing your mindset. Realizing that maybe some of the mindset that you have is all about culture and family expectation, and not actually what the Bible says.

If you were to experience this transformation, you can have confidence because you can just lean on what is actually in the Bible and not on other people's assumptions and other people's expectations that are not written down. This can lead to confusion and overwhelm. Show your audience what it's like before they experience you, your course, your topic, and what's the after of once they go through your membership or your course...what's their life like now? Talk about how people can experience that new transformation and what that transformation looks like. Go from the pain to the promise.

Transformation is painting the picture from what today looks like to what tomorrow could be.

3. The Ownership Experience

Number three is the ownership experience. This is Jeff Walker's terminology here. The ownership experience is "What's it like to actually have a plan or to have a path?" The way that we've taught this in Hope*writers is the path. What if you had a clear step-by-step path that you could follow to experience that transformation?

You see the opportunity ahead of you, and you want the transformation. Now, wouldn't it be great if you had the path to walk to lead towards that transformation? The ownership experience is basically sharing what it is like to be part of this movement. What's it like to have a community where you could go ask your questions? What's it like to have a library where you can learn from some of the best in the publishing world and not be confused anymore?

Wouldn't that be amazing? Isn't that freeing? Isn't that exciting and encouraging? That's what we call the ownership experience. It's the three myths, secrets, or lies, but all of them are framed in opportunity, transformation, and the ownership experience.

Then, after you teach those three secrets and bust those three lies, you present a new possibility. The new possibility is, you could join us! As an example with the Money Mindset Masterclass, we're doing a mentoring program, and this could be your life. Imagine if you experience freedom when it comes to your money mindset in 2020. It's the opportunity, transformation, and the ownership experience all lived out in the offer, which you make at the end of the webinar.

What's great about working on a webinar is that you can use the material for other content creation. You create the slides of the webinar, and you can use them for your sales pages and email campaigns. You can record the video of you teaching it and even use it as a presentation. For some, these concepts are what they teach from the stage. This is what their keynote looks like. And at the end they say, "If this is how you want to live, I want to let you know that I offer coaching. And if you want help with this, I'd love to meet you in the back and tell you about my coaching packages."

Provide value by helping people overcome their limiting beliefs because they don't believe there's an opportunity. They don't believe they could experience transformation. They don't believe that there's a path and you're teaching that there is in your video, keynote, or webinar. And all of that leads to this climax, this cognitive dissonance, this tension of, "Well now what? What's my next right thing? What's my next right step?"

"The next right step is I want to present an opportunity to you. This is the path, this is what you could experience. Come join me."

There's never been a better opportunity to share your message online and make an impact and an income, and I talk about the opportunity. That's number one. Number two, imagine if you didn't have to struggle. Imagine if you knew exactly who your audience is, and so you had clarity about what to write about, what your product should be, and how to approach social media. What if you had clarity around social media because you knew who it was for? What would that look like? Imagine the transformation.

To learn more about webinars, here are a few resources:

Launch by Jeff Walker

Russell Brunson from Clickfunnels

Amy Porterfield Webinar Cheat Sheet


Do you still have questions about webinars? Let me know how I can help by emailing me at [email protected].

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