#18 The Clarity Sessions Podcast - The One Change Your Website Needs To Increase Sales

It's time to learn the one change to make to your website to better serve your audience and make more sales. I thought of this topic when one of my coaching students inside the Amplify Method coaching program asked me to review his website. Now, normally I don't do that, but I like to go above and beyond for people that are inside of the Amplify Method coaching program. So I took a look at his site while I did a screen recording to give him feedback. As I was going through his site, I did a little exercise that I want to challenge you to do as well.


Open up the home screen of your website and search for two words. You search for the word "we," if it's more than one person that runs your site. For example, this guy has the site with his wife. You then search for the word "I" like the letter "I." This shows you how many times you talk about yourself or your company on your website. For him, it was over seven times on his homepage alone. So, then I searched for the word "you" and it only showed up once. That's the problem, and it's easily fixable.

All you need to do is flip who your website is for. Because the truth is, nobody really cares about you. They don't want to know your story. They don't want to know your background or what you've gone through. They don't care about you until they know that you can help them. So focus on your audience first -- start with your people.

If you go to my website here, you'll notice that the word "you" is very prominent. "Where are you stuck? What are you working through? How can I help you move forward to clarify your audience, to discover your message, to share your message, and to create life-changing products?" It's all about you.

Now you might say, "Brian, my website's kind of about me. It's my own personal website. I want to share my story and connect with my readers." I know it's about sharing the struggles of life and being relatable...I get it. But ultimately it's about getting results. Often you can't have both.

So do you want results? Do you want to grow your audience? Do you want to make more sales? Do you want to have a life that you love or do you want to have a pretty website that is for you?

People always have in their mind: "What's in it for me?" When they go to my website, they're not thinking, "I want to learn more about Brian and get to know him and get to know his life and be entertained by his interesting story about his life." No, they're coming to my website because they believe that I can help them. If you think about Donald Miller's StoryBrand concept, you are either the guide or the hero. That's your option. You can either be the guide or you can be the hero, and I truly believe that you as a messenger, author, speaker, entrepreneur, need to be the...

Oh, what did you think I was going to say? Did you think I was going to say hero because that's not it. You need to be the guide.

You are helping the reader. The reader is the hero. Everyone wants to be the hero of their own story too. You're helping your reader overcome the struggle that she's facing right now to win the day, to become a hero of her own story. And you're the guide who is coaching her and encouraging her along the way to not give up and keep moving forward. The way that you do that is when she first gets to your website, it addresses her goal. Do you want to have an organized homeschool? Yes, I do. Download my free PDF guide: Five tips to organize your homeschool. She then thinks, "Oh, that would help me. I like it." And she clicks to download. You then should offer something on the "Thank You" page: "Hey, thanks so much for requesting the download, watch this short video for more!"

Then have the video say something along these lines:

"Check your email in about 15 minutes, but while you're here, I want to offer something special. I have these [coaching calls], and I would love to meet with you to answer your questions about your homeschool and helping you get organized. It's only $47 for the call. It's a 30-minute call. Click the button to say 'yes' to schedule your call with me."

There you go. I just made your first dollar on your website because it wasn't about you and your homeschooling journey. It was about your audience and their homeschooling journey or whatever they happen to be interested in. They hear about you at a conference, church, or from your social media, and they finally get to your site. Think about all the decisions they had to make just to get to your website! And once they get there, you want to meet them. You want to greet them and even offer them the next step.

"Would you like a free download to help you move forward? Would you like to take this quiz to help you figure out what's your Enneagram type? Would you like to sign up for this free webinar that I'm hosting to help you clarify your audience, your message, and your products?"

That's what we're transitioning to on my site right now. We'll have an invitation to an online training which will help you amp your online business audience message and products. So I'm focused on helping you move your life and business forward by making a bigger impact in income online. It's not about Brian now. Yes, you do need to introduce yourself as the coach. You need to say "This is who I am...This is what I've done in the past...These are a couple of people I've helped..." But remember, they care about how you can help them.

Here's the exercise...go to your website right now and do a search. Do a control F and search for the word "we," the word "me/I" and the word "you." Then see what pops up. I'd be really interested to know, so send me a message on Instagram @brianjdixon.

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