#07 The Clarity Sessions - How To Find Time To Work On Your Blog

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How do you find the time to work on your blog and serve your audience? That’s the question we cover in today’s clarity session with Allison Boyle.

Allison asks, "How do I engage with my followers on social media and create great content on a limited schedule?"

Four Letter word TIME. The ultimate goal is to primarily be the content creator and to either batch or outsource the rest of the process.

To begin:

  • Identify who your audience is, where they are stuck, and where you want to lead them.
  • Make a list of the questions your followers are repeatedly asking.
  • Create content based on those questions.

1. Select three models.

Notice who are some other people who are doing what you'd like to do but are a little further down the road. What are the different aspects of their business? What is working for them? What do you like that you can use as an example for your business? Since Allison has a full-time job, she could look for others balancing work and a side business well. Go into investigator mode of three models. 

2. Capture your SOP through QuickTime recorder.

Capture your standard operating procedures so you know where you're currently spending your time.

Then determine: How long do your processes take you? Identify areas where you can outsource. You could bring on interns who can help you build and put systems in place. Think about how to create a schedule so you can go from being the strategist and the implementer -- the person who has the ideas and does all the work -- to being just the person who has the ideas and gets the work done in another way.

You can batch your content -- create five or ten posts at a time on a Sunday afternoon, and then it would be scheduled to go out over the course of the week. 

To make the transition easy to hire support, start recording your screen with quick time recorder whenever you're working on a process. Then save that screen video to send to whoever you may hire in the future as a part of their training.

3. Work in your zone of genius.

When you look at a list of all your processes, there are only going to be a few that are in your zone of genius. The other processes might be in other people's zones of genius. Focus your time in your zone of genius and outsource as much as you can. When you outsource, make sure you are choosing people who have those tasks in their zone of genius. 

4. Make time to monetize.

Take one hour/day to work on monetization strategies (products, courses, etc.) Think: What are the best strategies for monetizing my blog in the shortest amount of time. One great idea is to start coaching alongside course creating. Then you can create content for a course that goes right along with the steps of the coaching process you are doing in real-time. Once you complete the coaching, you've got a course ready to launch that you were paid to do along the way!

Another great way to monetize is through reviews. For example, your ideal reader is looking for a backpack for her first backpacking trip. Your blog post says: "Here are my three favorite backpacks." You have the three backpacks along with video product reviews for each of them that you can post on Youtube, Facebook, and Amazon as well. Reviews can build trust with your audience and they will click over to your products as a result.

So what do you think? Do you feel better equipped to grow your business in less time? Tell us in the comments what is YOUR first step?

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