#10 The Clarity Sessions - Overcoming The Fear To Get Started

Episode 10 of The Clarity Sessions features guest Maira Vial from Vial Designs. 

On our journey of working together, I challenged Maira to send an email to her people asking them the following: "What are you struggling with? Hit reply and let me know."

Before she sent this email, she worried if her clients would ask her a question she didn't know.  This is a relatable feeling to many, but it's important to not let fear and nervousness get in your way of serving your people well.

Here are three tips for asking your people this question:

1. Trust that your people will ask you something they KNOW you can help them with.

Your people know your expertise, so it's unlikely you will be asked something that you cannot answer. They tend to ask you questions related to your topic because they know you and your area of expertise/ knowledge. If people aren’t asking you questions related to the topic you want to focus on, take that as a cue to hone your message - make your message clearer. Or, you might discover people ask you about something else in your life that you could use to shift your brand into a new direction.

Remember, what's obvious to you is magic to other people. They are coming to you for a reason, you've got the magic!

2. Share this question across a variety of platforms.

Share through email, Instagram, Facebook, and any other platforms where your people hang out. Send out this question in an email every month or two. Make a Facebook post asking a pointed question like this: Hey Guys! Quick Question - I am working on my blog and I am wondering what would you like to learn about? By looking at what they share with you, you will be able to better identify how they see you. 

3. Go LIVE to answer questions.

A fun way to answer your audience's questions is to host a Facebook Live once a month. Right now, Facebook gives precedence to personal profiles over business pages. Facebook also gives priority to live video in the news feed. When you record on Facebook live, interact with your viewers through the comment feature - especially when you are just starting out. This will help with engagement. By doing live video, interacting with your audience, and sharing edited cuts of your video recordings, you’ll begin to build an audience that will be focused in on your message - and they’ll begin asking the questions you want to answer.

You have what it takes, you just have to get started. So, go send this message out to your people today!

Click here to listen to the episode.

Show Notes:

eCamm Live

Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging by Amy Schmittauer

Maira’s website
Maira’s Instagram
Maira’s Facebook page


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