Are you an entrepreneur needing some help marketing your business?

Are you a coach wanting to sign more clients consistently?

Are you overwhelmed by all the new ideas?

If you are looking for a clear path to grow your impact and income online, you are in the right place.

It's time to stop dabbling and dive in.

Work with Brian as your marketing mentor for a year to make significant progress.

You'll learn how to define and connect to your ideal audience, create systems and processes to grow your email list, and launch (and sell) your products and programs.

Everything you need to create your business step-by-step.


The Mentorship Program Includes:

Weekly Whiteboard Session

Each Monday afternoon a brand new training will be released to help you move forward in your business. You’ll learn about identifying your ideal audience, creating nurturing content to build “know, like, and trust”, and creating offers and products that convert to generate income.

Weekly Group Coaching

This is where the mentorship program stands out from other online courses: you get personalized feedback. Each and every week join us for a live online meeting where you get to share what you’ve been working on and get personalize feedback to help you make progress. This includes reviewing your website, giving feedback on your email sequence, and even sharing tips and strategies for your sales page, products, and offers.

Community Support

Finally, the mentorship program includes a private member community where are you can get your questions answered, share what you’ve been working on, and receive feedback and encouragement.

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Here is our 2021 Curriculum Plan:

My most personal program

For years coaching clients have asked me to create something like this. But it was never the right time. If we’ve learned anything for the pandemic it’s this: we need each other. The truth is, there is too much information and not enough transformation. True change often comes as a result of community. Iron sharpens Iron, We is better than Me.

If you’re feeling stuck trying to grow your business online, believing you have a message but lacking support, or are looking for what’s working now to truly grow your impact and your income in an ethical and God honoring way, then this is the program for you.

Monthly (Try it out)

$̶9̶7̶ only $67

a month

  • Weekly Whiteboard Session
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Private Facebook group


Annual (Commit to long-term progress)


save 15%

  • Weekly Whiteboard Session
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Private Facebook group


What our members are saying...

"Specific Action Steps"

It has helped me in the way of learning new things, accountability, connection, and commitment! The timing of it couldn't have been more perfect! I've also appreciated being given specific action steps to implement and getting to connect some outside our group time to get to know people better! I'm grateful to be a part of it!

"Support and Accountability"

The support and accountability are exactly what I need. I'm a serial course-taker but I spin my wheels on execution. I'm learning to focus on one thing at a time.

"Extremely Supportive"

I joined for the accountability aspect and have experienced so much more in the support, information, community, and, yes, accountability. I have tried for years to develop my XYZ statement and have successfully completed three of them today - one for each of my businesses! You, Brian, have helped me with clarity and several of the members have also been extremely supportive. What a warm and wonderful group - I look forward to 2021!

"Really Helpful"

Clear teaching. Knowing the how, not just the what and why, have been really, really helpful.

"Helped Me Get Clear"

The teaching has really helped me get clear on who I deeply and truly want to help. 

What influencers are saying about Brian:

Jennifer Allwood

"Brian has figured out the key to any successful business. It isn't complicated; It always starts with the PEOPLE. Focusing on the people. Loving on the people. Serving the people. This is the secret sauce of any successful business."

Jevonnah Ellison

Brian Dixon is one of the most generous, consistent and reliable humans I know. He has a passion for helping entrepreneurs flourish, thrive and succeed. Whatever he's writing, read it. Your life and business will be all the better for it.

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