The 3 Most Common Questions People Ask About Clarity Coaching Are:

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Is coaching right for me?

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How often do we meet?

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What do the packages include?

“Is coaching right for me?”

You need to know that it’s impossible to read your own label. What I mean by that is you need someone to come alongside you to give feedback and encouragement so that you can move forward.

You can’t see the parts of your business or even the parts of yourself that someone else can see because you’re too close. A coach helps break down your business from a new perspective and with expert knowledge that you won’t get from a Google search. Coaching offers you an opportunity to have someone look at your business in an up-close and personal way to help make it the best it can be!

“How often do you meet?”

That is completely up to you. We do have several coaching packages available depending on how fast you want to go. You will get the number of sessions based on what package you sign-up for, and you can use those sessions when you need them. You will simply jump on my calendar when you’re ready for the next one. Remember, you’ll want time in-between to implement what we discuss.


“What do the packages include?”

The calls are an hour long, and we meet over Zoom. These calls are recorded, so you can go back and watch at your convenience. Zoom allows us to share a screen, so you can show me your website, and I can give you visual examples. If you sign-up for my extended program, you will receive Voxer access where you can send me short questions over a voice messaging app between our coaching calls. This way, if you feel stuck in-between sessions, I can help you move forward.

Sounds great. Tell me more.