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Maybe you can relate...

Lisa wanted to make a difference by sharing her message online. She attended webinars. She watched videos on YouTube. And she listened to podcasts. Lots and lots of podcasts. But it was all so overwhelming. One expert would say this, another would say that. Another year passed with no progress to show for all of that learning. Something needed to change.

That's where Lisa decided to go pro. She invested in herself and her business by hiring me as her business coach.

She knew she had a message to share, she just needed some personal feedback and direction. Oh, and accountability. Definitely accountability.

That's why she hired me as her clarity coach.

When we met together, we discussed her unique gifts and interests, and Lisa soon came to the realization that something she was doing that seemed ordinary to her would actually make a compelling membership opportunity for those who would love to follow in her footsteps. As I often teach, "what obvious to you is magic to other people." Together we worked towards defining her audience. We got really specific about who it is she served and what their problems and objections were that kept them stuck. Next we clarified her message. Her message needed to be clear so that those she helped could know how she could serve them. Finally we put together a plan to build her business while I guided her each step of the way, and we made sure that each part of her business was targeting the right people who could benefit from her membership. 

Over the course of six months, she made more progress than she'd make in the previous five years.

Clarity is powerful. Clarity is direction. Clarity rejects the overwhelm and takes one step at a time. Clarity leads to the goals you want to accomplish this year.


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