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You are here because you want to make an impact and an income online. You have a message to share, but you keep getting stuck in the process. The tech in your business overwhelms you. You may not even know what offer to create to share your message. Or maybe you have an offer but you don’t know how to share it because you lack confidence when it comes to marketing.  

Don’t worry, you are in the right place!

I have been where you are and have made it my mission to help people just like you skip over the overwhelming parts of starting a business by using my tools, resources, and strategies so that you can market with confidence, make money authentically, and grow your business! 

Let me share my story with you...

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Starting with my people changed the trajectory of my life and business.

Starting At Zero...


After leaving my comfortable job as a CEO for a charter school with a five and a half million-dollar budget, I jumped head first into entrepreneurship -- starting back at zero.

My goal was to discover the secret to finding work I loved and a life that mattered while helping others to do the same.

It was a risk starting from scratch after years spent getting out of debt and having a secure income. And I felt a sense of urgency that ended up taking me down the wrong path…

When I first began this new journey, I thought that the way to grow my business was making everything about me. (I was the head of my business, after all!) I was convinced that I had to have the best website, the dream team, and eye-catching services in place, and THAT would be enough for clients and customers to line up for my offers.

I spent my time sharing all about myself with potential clients…”Here’s why you should hire me…” only to end up having a business with no clients (which isn’t a business at all).

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In the process of building, I forgot about who I was serving. 

I had the why, what, and how in place...but I completely forgot about the who. I wasn’t paying attention to my people. 

Thankfully, I caught this problem early enough in my business and spent intentional time turning my business around to head in the right direction...one that started with my people.

And when this happened...everything changed. 

I began to really dig deep into my ideal client to figure out the pain of my people. I asked myself: What do they need? Where are they stuck? How can I help them?

Because my business is not about me...and your business is not about you.

My mission is to help authors, speakers, and aspiring messengers to create a sustainable business through navigating tech overwhelm, learning to market with confidence, and making money authentically!

I believe that you were made for a purpose. By clarifying your calling, discovering your audience, and creating your products, you can navigate a clear path to impact and income.

Your message needs to be heard, and I'm your guy to help you spread your message, grow your impact, and make more money by starting with your people.

I’m Here To Help You Grow Your Impact & Income Online

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Author of the bestselling book "Start With Your People

Named by Forbes as 1/20 books to make you a better coach or mentor

Have a Tedx talk you can listen to here

Had my own band

Often one of the only male speakers when I speak at events (and work in a mostly female environment) 

Dreamed of becoming a rockstar, touring the country in my green mobile home! 

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“What's OBVIOUS to you is MAGIC to other people.”

– Dr. Brian J. Dixon


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