Sister, Grow Your Business

Sister, Grow Your Business

Hosted by: Brian Dixon

Start and grow your business following Biblical principles shared by today's top female, Christian entrepreneurs. Hosted by business coach Brian Dixon. Show notes at

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Have a full life - Jennifer Pepito

Yes! You can have a full life while building your business. In this episode, Jennifer Pepito- founder of the Peaceful Press will show you how. links: Free kajabi offer:...
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The Comparison Game - Kristi Clover

The only way to win the comparison game is to refuse to play it. In today's show, you'll meet Kristi Clover from links: Try Kajabi for 30 days at Download the...
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Opportunities to Add Value - Megan Kuethen

There are many opportunities to add value. In today's show, you'll meet The Queen of Ops, Megan Kuethen. This poignant conversation will encourage you to trust in God's timing as you serve those around you. Learn more...
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Resting in God's Timeline - Allee Williams

You are not behind. In fact, God is moving in your life and business right now according to his timeline. Join us for a fascinating conversation with Allee Williams, founder of Right Up Your Allee and...
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Here is the vision behind the show: Sister, Grow Your Business
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