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Hi, I'm Brian... 

I help messengers like you (entrepreneurs, authors, and business owners) grow their income and impact online by simplifying the marketing process. 

Over the past nine years, I’ve gone from a nobody online, to writing a best-selling book with a major publisher (and a multi-six figure advance), being a featured speaker at industry-leading conferences, appearing on top podcasts, selling over six million dollars of memberships and courses, and being featured in dozens of media outlets includes Forbes and NBC.

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Maybe you can relate...

Lisa wanted to make a difference by sharing her message of courage online. She attended webinars. She watched videos on YouTube. She paid for several courses and she listened to podcasts. Lots and lots of podcasts. One expert would say this, another would say that but she never felt like she actually implemented anything. Another year passed with little to no progress to show for all of that learning. Something needed to change.

Donna knew she could help so many women with her online training but her sales were low. She felt like the number of clients didn’t justify the time and resources she was taking away from her family. She didn’t want to treat this work like a hobby but there were so many other demands for her time. Not to mention the guilt she felt from the time she spent on her phone to post and follow up on social media while telling her own kids to stay off their devices. She was always so confident but lately she was feeling insecure about her purpose & her calling. She felt stuck but didn’t know what next step to take. 

Jamie is an expert in her field of counseling and regularly speaks at events in her community. She recently finished a book proposal but her agent said her social media presence was going to kill her sales. She had 6 months to build her email list and grow her social media following if she wanted to be taken seriously by a major publisher. The thought of self promotion and book positioning made her stomach churn as she had images of forced interviews and scammy marketing. A quick google search for “best marketing books” led her to multiple curated lists but she didn’t know who to trust or where to start.

Without a mentor and a clear plan forward, all three of these ladies felt stuck, confused, and overwhelmed. Perhaps you can relate to parts of these clients' stories like I once did. 

But they didn't stay stuck...

After Lisa’s first clarity coaching call, she learned there was an order for where to place her focus. First she worked towards defining her ideal client. She got specific about who it was she served and what their problems and objections were that kept them stuck. Next she clarified her message. Her message needed to be clear and connect with those she wanted to help. Finally she followed a plan to create and market her first online product while I listened and coached her each step of the way. This clarity helped set the foundation for scaling her business.

After joining BGA, Donna found the community support, inspiration, and accountability that she didn’t realize she was missing! All of sudden she didn’t feel so crazy, insecure and alone. The lessons were easy to follow and the pacing guide helped her stay on track. In fact her pace and progress began to accelerate and the feedback from the group gave her the confidence to try new marketing strategies. Her webinar has tripled her course sales and her new coaching program has a wait list. 

Jamie joined the Business Builder Book Club to expand her view on marketing and start thinking of how she could market her book.  As a clinical counselor that focused on relationship health and growth, Jamie was intrigued that a book “Start with Your People” would be categorized under marketing. This wasn’t the scary, scammy or complicated marketing she was expecting. In fact, it gave her hope. Jamie loves the book club discussions and learning that marketing is really about sharing solutions to problems with as many people that need that problem solved.

My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you start and grow an online business sharing your message and serving your clients.


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